We are a family owned company est. in 1991. With experience in trading as much as our lasting. Starting with humble possibilities and with only 2 workers, we grew up in one of the leading companies in the market in our branch with more than 30 employees that are all among the very best in their areas. During this time, we were doing different varieties of trading. We started with beverage, and we still have of the leading positions in that area on Serbian market. However, the time and the market have changed, so we have started trading with food, fruits and vegetables. We are among the largest importers of mentioned products in Serbia. We trade with companies from around the world, from all continents with large variety of products. Export is also one of our main activities. We are exporting, all types of agricultural products that are Serbian origin.

So do not hesitate to contact us! Our company is one of the best solutions on the market for every type of partnership u need, and with our enthusiasm, position on the market, experience, u have practically unlimited access to the region of the Balkans and further. We are looking forward to make contact with you and good cooperation in the future!

Your Aciko Komerc team.

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